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Welcome advertisers!

We are honored to have you take a look at our advertisement and promotional space program. Below is a list of our current an upcoming programs


Advertising on Jumpcut Entertainment Network webshows and videos:


The productions we currently feature are:

(current) -Loading-Screen – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (12-14 episodes/month) Tagline: Featuring segments like “Blast from the Past”, “Multiplayer Madness”, game playthroughs, and the hit segment “AJ Plays”, audience members are taken on a fun and comedic journey through videogames. Examples of the top 3 Loading-Screen segments: (AJ Plays pilot) (Hey Look at This Game Pilot) (Multiplayer Madness)

(current) -MoTFWP Sketches – 2 per month. Tagline: Everything from Comedic to Action to Dramatic short “sketch” videos created by various cast and crew from Master of The Free World Productions.  Example:

(current) -Caffeinated Cast Video/Audio Podcast- Once a month. Tagline: The caffeine addicted Master of The Free World Productions cast and crew sit down to talk about movies, music, video games and anything entertainment with lots of laughs and stories along the way.  Examples: (youtube)   (Soundcloud)

(current) – The Martini – After the release of certain videos, when we have special gear or locations, or when there is a concept we want to speak on. Tagline: A look behind the scenes at Master of The Free World Productions, giving insight  into the production of their webshows and content as well as interviews with cast and crew, reviews and discussions of equipment, even “how-to” segments to teach viewers how certain shots and effects are created.  Example: (The Martini Pilot/Test Episode)


(coming soon) -Block Breakers Storybook: A Tale of Misfit Adventurers – Weekly During Season. Tagline: In a land of cubes, 5 friends adjust to living together for the first time. (Production just started, pilot coming soon)

(coming soon) -Jumpcut – Weekly During Season. Tagline: Kyle Frederick is a top government agent who stumbles upon secrets in his organization, and must get to the bottom of them by using any means possible. (no pilot currently, but promotional footage can be seen in the JEN Trailer:


Key: (Status) – Show Title – Frequency. Tagline/Example. Link to Pilot episode/Example


Here is the comedic launch trailer/overview  of the Jumpcut Entertainment Network’s video productions:



-55/45  Male/Female split

-Under 20 and over 30 years old are our most prominent viewers.

-Our audience responds most positively to “in-Video” advertisements (This is what we are offering).

-95% of our viewers live in either the United States or Canada.


Audience Primary Traits:

-Interested in video games.

-Interested in online entertainment media and web videos/shows/content.

-Interested in filmmaking and/or visual effects.


Social Media Stats (as of 9/20/13 – Constantly and steadily growing):  -  ~800 Subscribers, ~12000+ views per month  -  We see these values increase ~25% per quarter.  -  ~300 Followers  -  ~1200 likes



Types of advertising opportunities:

-Commercial at the episode start, before the main content. Commercials are produced in house and run 5-30 seconds. (There is no additional cost for commercial production)

-Product Placement – Within a show or video (eg. Showing/wearing/interacting with the sponsors product)

-Sponsor Card at the episode start, before the main content.

-Sponsor Card at the end of an episode, before the J.E.N. end bumper.

-Sponsor Shout Out – Verbal shoutout at the start and finish of a podcast (2x/podcast)

-Gear Review – Reviewing gear and equipment in an episode of The Martini.

-Website Advertisement – Advertisement on the JEN home website or one of the sites in the network (View available sites at: Sizes vary.



Gear Review: We can only accept gear and equipment sponsorship for this opportunity. We need to be able to use the gear to be able to review it honestly, but we also do not want to be, nor have it appear as if we are swayed by money. We want to give honest reviews, and not be paid to say nice things. The appearance of having this happening would reflect negatively upon The Jumpcut Entertainment Network, Master of The Free World Productions, as well as your own company.

Website Advertisement: $10-$30/month (size dependent)

Sponsor Shout Out: $15/podcast

Sponsorship Card at end: $15/episode

Sponsorship Card at Start: $20/episode

Product Placement: Product(s) ($30 fee may be applicable for certain products)

Commercial at start: $40/episode (minimum of 2 episodes to order)


Advertisement combinations are recommended and packages can be built.

Prices are negotiable. Products *can* be used instead of the standard dollars in certain cases.

We want to work with you to fit your advertising needs.


We love helping startups become successful, so advertisement of Kickstarter of Indiegogo campaigns receive a 15% discount.


Thank you for reviewing our offered advertisement and sponsorship services. We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, please contact: for prompt assistance.


-The Jumpcut Entertainment Network